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You can now transform your static PowerPoint presentation into a fun and interactive experience for your audience!
Hypersay is an online platform that allows you to create interactive presentations that can be used for education, training, marketing or any other type of events. It has different features available for presenters and attendees at events which all focus on allowing for increased presenter-audience interaction.
2nd November 2018 by leo-budrinca 2 Comments
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30th September 2019 by ideaspy_09 3 Comments
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An app that helps to create better relationships - two minutes at a time
"The most fundamental finding from positive psychology is that strong personal relationships have the greatest impact on your sati
20th July 2018 by take-two 0 Comments
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Local community library
Spotted in Leichhardt NSW, on a street side in front of a private home, is a mini library where passers-by are encouraged to take and leave a book. It's a nice change to see reading being promoted to the community.
26th August 2017 by andrea-p 1 Comments
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No need to go out in the cold and dark to find those fresh herbs and salads.
Designed to sit right on your kitchen bench, the UrbiPod (Australian Made and Owned) will provide simple, successful, stress-free fresh herbs and salads right next to where you cook, adding instant taste and home grown nutrition ? all year round.
2nd September 2017 by mybrainwave 1 Comments
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What ? A Gym you can deploy anywhere ! Show me.
Military inspired outdoor strength and conditioning unit, designed for use by military and elite sporting athletes now available f
4th September 2017 by mybrainwave 1 Comments
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