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Access to Drinking Water
OFF-GRID Containerised Water Treatment Plant, this unit can treat up to 28kl/day & can be scaleable to 250kl/day when run 24hrs/day. This is a solution for remote Australian Communities & Regions The Gilghi remote water unit has been installed at Gillen Bore, approximately 75km from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and uses advanced filtering technology and is a breakthrough water solution.
27th October 2019 by michael-sharp... 0 Comments
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Charities supporting supporters
Charities could ask their taxpaying supporters to help an innovative startup and claim $10,000 tax offset. The startup might get $6,000 per taxpayer and the taxpayers get $4,000 each. If they give the $4,000 to the charity they still make money from their $4,000 tax deduction. The charity ensures that they cannot lose this $4,000 in the startup arrangements. The charity should expect to get most of the $4,000, maybe more if the startup fails and maybe much more if the startup succeeds.
26th October 2019 by eric 2 Comments
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Hats with personality
Yuka Hasegawa's hats are individually designed. They are worn by celebrities and on permanent exhibit in many museums, famous Japanese institutions, corporate head quarters, and private collections throughout the world.
26th October 2019 by lynnwood 0 Comments
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Mister RYE: Organic rye drinking straws made in Australia
Organic, biodegradable drinking straws - SA greentech start-up Mister RYE launched their campaign today 25October. Founded by French entrepreneurs Marion Vigot and Alexis Branlard, Mister Rye is one of the first recipients of Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) program. “We found no beach that was not littered with plastic, and decided there had to be a better way. Our research led us to find out that rye was the original straw, used hundreds of years before plastic.We were determined to source our materials locally, and actively searched for organic farmers to ensure the safety of the finished product.”
25th October 2019 by readyfundgo 1 Comments
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Meditating to improve brain health
Neuroscience shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they sit quietly and do nothing for 15 minutes a day. A study has found that even eight weeks of meditation changed people's brains for the better.
25th October 2019 by IdeaSpies 0 Comments
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Writing the script for billion dollar industries
Tech23 this week saw Lucy Cooke present her startup, Spacedraft. With film studios, Amazon, Netflix and Apple spending billions annually producing new titles and the Gaming industry continuing to grow, bringing complex visions to life accurately and without delay is a serious business. Every creative endeavour faces friction, loss and frustration when it tries to deliver with nothing but a paper script and sticky notes, whether it be film, game or VR/AR production. Spacedraft solves for these issues, connecting the vision to production and producers, sharing updates and edits with the entire team. Quite literally, watch this space.
25th October 2019 by tl 1 Comments
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