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Reverse mentoring in nursing homes
Residential and Care Centre Humanities, a Dutch nursing home, has established a programme providing free rent to university students in exchange for 30 hours a month of their time with their aged residents. The programme has meant students in their early twenties sharing lives with residents in their eighties and nineties. As part of their volunteer agreement, the students also spend time teaching residents new skills ? like how to email and use social media.
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A wearable health monitor
Researchers from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia have developed a process that prints high performance, silicon-based computers on soft surfaces that can stick on your body.
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3D printed twin organs for surgeons to practice
French startup Biomodex is producing 3D printed organs which closely match aspects of the human body that are unique to each individual ? tissue and bone densities and the placement of veins and arteries. These twin organs are helping surgeons practice and prepare for operations. As well as patient-specific organs, the printing process developed by Biomodex can be used for general medical education.
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